Why Choose Vlasic Labs?


Vlasic stands for value. Simply put, we make more potent products at a more affordable price. As the hemp and cannabis industry evolved, we adapted with it and listened to what consumers, patients, and friends really wanted and needed.

From seed to flower and extraction to conversion, we have touched every vertical in this industry to find the most efficient ways to bring high-quality cannabinoids to market.

Our mission is to make these healing compounds available and affordable to the masses.


In our quest, we had one rule: Never sacrifice quality. Our products come with the stamps of approval you are used to seeing on the cream of crop. cGMP Certification, non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Third-party Lab tested.

We wouldn’t put our name on it if we didn’t believe in it.


Giving Back

When you choose Vlasic, you’re helping push this industry forward. At Vlasic Labs, we donate our in-house exotic cannabinoids, like CBN, to research universities like the Colorado State University- Pueblo, which is the host site for the Institute of Cannabis Research.

We have also launched the brand “Schedule One” in partnership with the Last Prisoner Project (LPP).

As a Partner of Freedom, Vlasic Labs is donating a portion of proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project to support the release and reentry of tens of thousands of wrongly incarcerated victims of the War on Drugs.

Consumer Product Track Record

The Vlasic Family has been improving the lives of American consumers for nearly 100 years. Prior to World War II, Joseph Vlasic streamlined milk distribution in the Midwest, taking bottles off of hot porches and into the grocery stores. Joseph and his son, Robert, evolved their business to satisfy the nation’s need for high-quality, affordable, and crunchy pickles; ultimately becoming the biggest pickle brand in the world.

Robert Vlasic not only took the pickle company to new heights, but also applied his passion for bettering his community by donating much of his wealth to the Henry Ford Health System, the Michigan Humane Society, and the University of Michigan. Robert’s dedication to making a positive impact was passed down to his five sons, including Rick.

From an early age, Rick Vlasic’s father and grandfather passed down the values of innovation and hard work. During the personal computer boom in the early 80’s, Rick helped the Big 3 auto companies enter the digital age through providing hardware, and subsequently expanding the business to countless e-learning and in-person training courses for a wide variety of use cases including healthcare and safety.

Naturally this passion for wellness led Rick and his son, Willy, to found Vlasic Labs. The Vlasic entrepreneurial spirit has been inherited by Willy and his brother Jack, and together they lead Vlasic Labs to live by the same values as their predecessors’ companies: Value, Quality, and Giving Back.